7 Ways to Cleanse Your Magical Tools

There are plenty of ways to clean things; Soap, water, salt, sand organic and non-organic cleaners. However you prefer to clean everyday items it doesn’t hold the same for magical tools. In the use of these items, they use and store energy both positive and negative. When a witch or practitioner cleanse their tools it […]

Do You Know the Difference Between Witch and Wicca?

Do You Know the Difference Between Witch and Wicca? The difference between a witch and the practices of wicca are often misunderstood. I have even fallen victim to confusing the differences between them and unintentionally using them interchangeably. In modern days it is common for the words witch and wicca to be one thing and even […]

Shocking Things You Didn’t Know about Witches and Pentagrams.

There are plenty of shocking things most people don’t know about Witches and Pentagrams. When I first started my journey into witchcraft I had so many questions. As I previously said in my last post I grew up in a very religious Christian family. My whole life I was taught that magic, witchcraft and, anything […]