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The Mystical Witch is a blog about understanding the history and culture of the supernatural. The blog will focus on history, mythology, traditions, and tools of occult and mysticism practices. I have always been fascinated by the occult and mysticism in other cultures. I hope to share my finding with others and eventually connect with others who are willing to be a part of an open-minded community. Since starting my adult life I have been researching and learning many different sects of witchcraft and Wicca. My favorite tools are tarot cards, and I have been doing readings for about four years now. Tarot cards have become almost an obsession, I am never far from a deck. Eventually I would like to offer readings and information to my readers. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and join in on the conversations.

Blessed Be,

Serenity Roth





This is a personal blog of my understanding. I do not claim to be an expert or a professional in any sense. Read this blog and its information with the knowledge that any action taken on your part is at your own risk and not a responsibility of this blog. I reserve the right to change, edit, the terms of use. As well as sell, or delete this blog. I will not share any private information or emails. Any comment, questions, or communications I hold rights to publish, delete or keep for use. I reserve the right to use affiliate marketing and advertisement to obtain financial profits. Any original artwork or content I reserve the copyright to and requires written consent to use. Thank you for your time and patronage.