Magic and Spells

Magic and Spells; are they the same or is there a difference? Well, they are intertwined for sure. Magic exists as an energy, a power, a life. Spells are used to direct that energy. So, what constitutes as a spell? While this may seem pretty basic, I feel the distinction between types of spell crafting is very necessary for preparing for spell work and actually casting spells. 

What is in a Spell

Now in these distinctions, I am not really counting spells by what they do. Things like spells for love, money, luck, etc… are more a difference in outcomes rather than a difference in how the magic is preformed. Hopefully what I mean will become clearer once I start. But, as always, anyone is welcomed to ask me questions here.

Spell Types

  • Written Spell:

    Written spells are spells that have a written component as the main part of the actual spell casting; Things like burning a desire that has been written on a piece of paper for example. Another example of this is submerging a name in sugar water to sweeten a person’s attitude. If the written object, aspiration, name, subject or whatever is the most important part of the spell casting, I would consider this a written spell, rather than simply writing a spell for keeping or following like a recipe.

  • Divination:

    Divination is not always considered spell work. I consider divination as a type of spell casting simply because it is a way of directing magic to attain a result. Using mirrors, scrying bowls, pendulums, runes, tea leaves, and tarot cards all use magic to garner answers and direct magic.

  • Physical Spell:

    Physical Spells are spells that require an action to make up the majority of the focusing power of the spell. Think Native American rain dances, sex magic, meditation etc..

  • Vocal Spell:

    Vocal or spoken spells are pretty self-explanatory. They require speaking the magic words for the spell to direct magic. Like Sarah in Labyrinth saying the magic words to get her brother taken by the goblin king.

  • Ingredient Spell:Ingredient Spells

    Ingredient spells are spells that require ingredients. Most commonly found in kitchen magic, spell jars, and usable items like bath bombs and products. Herbs, crystals, and ingredients infuse actions and products with magic.

  • Knot Spell:

    While knot spells can fit into a good part of all of these spell types, they specifically require a string like object to be tied to solidify and complete the spell. Therefore I believe it falls into its own category.

  • Enchantment:

    Enchantments may require most of the components of these other spell types but are performed on objects. Enchanting an object infuses it with magical energy and creates charms. Although anything with a magical energy can be considered a charm.

  • Sigils Sigil Spellsand Glyphs:

    Although they can be considered written spells, sigils and glyphs are inscribed or painted symbols used to contain a spell and magical energy. (Probably one of my favorite ways to perform spell work.)

  • Spirit Spell:

    When I say spirit spells, I am not talking about a spell for ghosts or to call them. I am talking about force of will spells, prayers, and emotional spells and things that we unconsciously or consciously call for. Magic and spell work can happen without ingredients, space, or a fancy formula. Spells require intention and if you have the conviction, even our little back of the head desires or fears can be attracted.

The more you know Right?

Spell Work has a lot of variety and while I hate to put baby in the corner here, I feel that the distinction between spell types can greatly aid in preparing for spell work and casting a spell. All of these types can be applied to preforming any magic, everything depends on the witch. Some may prefer the traditional formula or recipe spells that mix types of spells.  Some may like a spirit spell better or to be more lax and find their own way of doing spell work. Hopefully these types of spells can help all witches to compose their own ways or to identify their own components.


I am sure I missed some somewhere.

Comment bellow:

What do you think of separating spells into types?  What are your favorite types of spell to preform?

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Good Luck Casting Spells!

Blessed Be,

Serenity Roth



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