How to Consecrate Ritual Tools

Consecrating ritual tools is a simple way of saying that you cleanse and charge a tool for casting magic. Consecrating ritual tools is very easy and can be done to multiple items or even as soon as you buy a tool. Most people practice using their tools immediately after consecration as a way to bind the magic to the item. However you don’t need to consecrate your tools every single time you cast a spell. It’s best to use your own judgement on how often or how you wish to consecrate ritual tools. This is a part of the spell casting mini series so it will talk about the basics which you are free to edit, change or rebuild anyway you feel.

Why Consecrate ritual tools?

We consecrate ritual tools to imbue them with energy to aid in casting spells. It’s important not only as a way to purify and cleanse your tools but to kind of mark them as your tools. As far as I’ve read and heard once tools are yours others shouldn’t touch or use your tools for their purposes. Your tools are supposed to be bonded to you, they are meant to be connected to you in a sacred way. So, someone touching or using your tools is a taboo and very personal. Consecrating your tools also cleanses them of all negative energy, and if you happen to get them from a store, or second-hand then it cleanses the tools of anyone else’s energy.

What you will need:

  • To cast a circle 
  • Salt (Representative of Earth)
  • Incense (Representative of Air)
  • Candle ( Representative of Fire)
  • Water (Representative of Water)
  • Rituals you want to consecrate.

To Consecrate Ritual Tools

1.       Before closing your circle, if you choose to do one, place all the elemental representatives in their respective cardinal places. Then close your circle with you and your tools inside.

Earth = North
Air =East
Fire = South
Water = West

2.      Start at the Salt/ North then go around the circle all the way around to the west. So, North to West, in a circle. Each time passing your tools over the element and say;

Guardians of (Cardinal Point),

Imbue this/these (tool(s)) with the power of (element).

I consecrate this/these (tool(s)),

I ask that you power them with your energy.

I cleanse and purify this/these (tool(s)) this hour and make them sacred.

*  Warning!!!!: If you are consecrating flammable objects like; Robes, Altar cloths, Tarot cards etc… Be careful when going near the flame. I wouldn’t even go near the flame with them. Instead, warm your hand and then place them on the flammable tools to imbue them with the power of fire. 

3.      Now consecration is done as long as you have passed all the elements. You can use your tools immediately. Like I said some people believe in using their tools immediately, It all really depends on you.


Happy Consecrating!

Comment Bellow:

Do you have a specific ritual for consecration? Do you think it is necessary for spell work?


Blessed Be,

Serenity Roth



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