Find a way to spirituality

I have been trying to find a way to remain purely informational on this blog. I used to believe that I could help provide the information I wanted to learn about witch craft, to others also looking for answers. I have come to learn that, learning is about the process. Its about researching and finding […]

What happens when you can’t call ghost busters?

Have you ever felt watched? Things move around  without explanation? Feel like you might have a ghost around? If you have ever felt haunted by something you can’t see and don’t know what to do here is a good start to dealing with spirits. Recently at my job I have felt watched, things have been […]

The Magical Solution to Depression

I bet as you’re reading this, you are wondering how someone can make such a bold claim. That there is no way there is a magical solution to rid yourself of the black cloud and deep void that most others call the depression. The magical solution to depression is that there is none. There is […]