Find a way to spirituality

I have been trying to find a way to remain purely informational on this blog. I used to believe that I could help provide the information I wanted to learn about witch craft, to others also looking for answers. I have come to learn that, learning is about the process. Its about researching and finding what is out there. 

As many people who might happen upon this blog might see I don’t update a lot. In fact its been like over a year. Well I can give a whole line of excuses about life getting in the way but, I wont bore you. I can only say that I have been going into a transition stage. A lot of things have happened in my life both beautiful and painful. Most of the time I feel like I am shedding my skin, my personality, my ideals, my thoughts. 

So where Do I go from here? Well the answer is I am going to try to share what I find, to share my experiences and hope that someone, anyone who read this might find solace and comfort to know that everyone shed themselves in an effort to crawl out of limbo. 

So I guess this part is to myself, a declaration to reignite my focus on discovery and finding myself. To share my up and downs with others, focusing on spirituality and self discovery. I want to find a way to not separate myself from life. I hope that others will find a connection too. 


So thank you for listening to my rant.




Magic and Spells

Ingredient Spells

Magic and Spells; are they the same or is there a difference? Well, they are intertwined for sure. Magic exists as an energy, a power, a life. Spells are used to direct that energy. So, what constitutes as a spell? While this may seem pretty basic, I feel the distinction between types of spell crafting […]

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How to Consecrate Ritual Tools


Consecrating ritual tools is a simple way of saying that you cleanse and charge a tool for casting magic. Consecrating ritual tools is very easy and can be done to multiple items or even as soon as you buy a tool. Most people practice using their tools immediately after consecration as a way to bind […]

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