Shocking Things You Didn’t Know about Witches and Pentagrams.

There are plenty of shocking things most people don’t know about Witches and Pentagrams. When I first started my journey into witchcraft I had so many questions. As I previously said in my last post I grew up in a very religious Christian family. My whole life I was taught that magic, witchcraft and, anything occult was all about the Devil and it was wrong. Even though I was taught this it never really stopped my curiosity as I grew up I would sneak reading and watching things that were looked down upon in my household. I remember asking questions about the occult and why it was so wrong and being told the same thing over and over again. Well here is what I have found for myself.

Do witches worship the devil?

The answer is no. While each type of witch has their own set or rights, rules and rituals. The basic rule that most all witches if not all witches practice, is do what you want but harm no one. However there are some people who are out there who do worship evil entities and they claim to be witches, they however are not the norm. This is the case because witches believe that what ever they do to another will come back three times. SPOILER: A famous representation of this is the movie The Craft, where three girls who practice witchcraft and use their powers to take revenge on others who they feel slighted by. It ends with their hurtful spell turn on them. END OF SPOILER. Each witch or coven of witches worships a deity or deities, normally a male and female version of a deity, but some just worship one God or Goddess.1004092-bigthumbnail

Is the pentagram Evil?

The pentagram used in witchcraft has long been associated with Satan and evil, though this is not the case. The pentagram is an upright star meant to represent the person, the elements and intentions of a spell. The pentacle is the star in the circle used for thousands of years. It is meant for protection, a symbol to amplify personal power, and as a magical ritual device to center and focus spells. The misconception that the pentacle is evil is, like the symbol of the upside down cross is a mockery of the cross, the upside pentacle is a mockery of the positive powers that the upright pentacle represents.  The upside down pentacle as an evil symbol is due to its associations with the Sigil of Baphomet taken as the symbol for the church of Satan in 1968 and on its bible in 1969. It has become the symbol of unnatural order, rebellion, and Satanism and because of its close appearance to the pentacle it is often proof to people that Witches are evil and worship Satan.


The difference.

  Why is this important?

It took me along time to finally find the answers I never got. The fear that it was wrong and that even looking into it meant that I was somehow committing a sin made me feel like even searching for the answers was so wrong.  Those two assumptions that always seemed so daunting; “If witches worship the devil they must be bad” And “If witches aren’t bad or they aren’t satanists why do they use Satan’s symbol?” These two little assumptions made this journey take so long to start. It is just another example of how misconceptions aren’t always right, and that often, the judgment of others based on their beliefs does not benefit anyone. The biggest thing that I have learned so far is that you have to find your own answers.



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