To Cast A Sacred Circle

To cast a sacred circle will be the first of a mini series on how to cast spells from start to finish. This blog will discuss how to cast a circle for doing spells. If you have ever read a new age book or looked up spells, some may call for casting a circle before beginning spell work. Circles are meant to focus and inspire energy, as well as a protective shield from negative entities or energy. Some people may believe that casting a circle isn’t necessary, while others believe that casting a circle should be done before any spell casting. I personally fall somewhere in between. I think that all spells can be cast without a circle but I think that some spells can warrant it. Spells that call down entities or that take a lot of energy and focus (I feel) should use a circle. Circles are also best used when working with multiple people, to connect the group and to raise energy. Trying to figure out how to cast a circle can be hard, there are so many versions. I will share the basics here so that you can later customize for yourself. 

What you will need to cast a circle:

  1. A safe place
  2. Ritual tools
  3. Spell ingredients
  4. Representatives of the elements ( candles, tarot cards, objects)
  5. A way to mark out your circle ( chalk, salt, herbs, and natural objects)


  1. Find a space to cast the circle. The space you choose should be quiet, peaceful, and without interruptions. Try to find a time and place that will limit interruptions and distractions. Stopping a ritual or breaking the circle can invite very negative consequences so it is important to consider your choice carefully. If you need help finding timing for a spell, feel free to read my article on Moon Magic, for information on how the phases of the moon affect your spells. 
  2.  Prepare the space. Clean objects out of the area. Then place ritual items, such as candles, cauldrons, ingredients … etc. into the circle before marking it out completely.  Entering and exiting the circle after you have closed it will break the circle and disturb the ritual and lessen the protection it provides. If you need to have the area marked out, draw the circle but leave a door open. As in simply leave a gap before finishing the circle. You can close before beginning your ritual
  3. Marking the circle. You can use really anything to mark out the space. Ideas for things to use for marking a circle: Salt, Herbs, Chalk, String, Sticks, Stones, A rug… Etc.
  4. To close an open circle. Fill in the rest of the circle once all your ritual items have been set up. If using salt, scattered herbs, or objects, fill in the circle with the same material. String or ribbon are to be tied together. If using a completed circle then place two objects outside and pull them in to close the circle.
  5. To open a circle. Once you complete your ritual you may open the circle by removing a section or creating a door. Make sure that your intention to end the spell or ritual is clear. Focus your energy on opening a door as you clear away or break the circle. Then clean up ritual items and the rest of the circle material.


Here is an example of basic circle set up.

Witches Circle

When it comes to the elements, you can choose to use any form of representation of them. It just depends on what you attribute the elements to look like. Below is a table of some suggestions: 





Earth  Green or Black Stone or Stick

Jade or Tigers eye


Red or Orange  Incense or Candle

Smoky Quartz or Amber


Light Blue or Yellow Feather or Incense

Amethyst or Opal

Water Blue or Purple Bowl of Water or Sea Shell

Moonstone or Rose Quartz


Set up your ritual items how you see fit. Most people set it up just like an altar. Some strategically place items like a cooking recipe. It is all about creating a space that inspires and focuses your energy.

Size Matters

Circle size depends on the area that you have to work with. However, you want the area and the circle to be ample enough that you aren’t cramped up. Generally, the diameter should be about the size of your personal height. Add a foot or so for each extra person if you are working with others.

Example: I am 5  foot 3 inches tall I should make my personal circle at least 5 feet in diameter. If I had two people I would be up to at least seven. There are some out there that insist on circles being at least 9 feet no matter what but I think it’s just a personal preference like everything else is. Just make sure you and your coven or participants are comfortable.

Perks and Amenities

So depending on the amount of time the ritual takes or how much time you want to spend in the circle, it might benefit you to add some extra amenities. Like a pillow to sit on, a drink (just in case), extra ingredients, a pen, your Book of shadows. Anticipate your necessities so you don’t have to break your circle. I also suggest that you put your cell phone on airplane mode and leave it outside of the circle. Some energy can mess with electronics.

I guess the most important part is to make sure you create a comfortable space that inspires and helps you focus your energy. If it really comes down to it, you can even imagine a bright bubble around you. It isn’t the traditional form of a sacred circle but it can help you feel like a space set apart and important.

Sacred Circle Witch

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Serenity Roth





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