Choosing Your Magickal Name

Choosing a Magickal Name


So recently I’ve been all about self-discovery trying to figure out which deity to choose, is my Magickal name something that I truly associate with? Is it normal?  There are so many question milling around my head that its time I answer some of them. At least why and how I chose my Magickal name because so far, it’s the only thing I’m completely sure of. I think that I can attribute my recent questioning phase to Ms. Silver RavenWolf and her books for beginner Witches. She has such a great way of putting things simply. Her book To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft, is really a wonderful work book that has quite a few, let’s call them “homework assignments” that help really bring the focus in on her lessons. It allows the reader to answer a lot of questions they might have had about themselves and their chosen path.


 Why to choose a Magickal name?

I won’t take everything from Ms. RavenWolf, and her book but she does say that choosing a name to use for Magickal purposes is important it should be something that a witch can identify with. I think of its being born again and having to be named. When you start down an esoteric path it’s the start of a part of your life, when you pick your Magickal name it is what you will be known as to your Magick, to others in the Magick community and to the energy. I believe it is important to pick something that feels right to you and that speaks to you if you are in a solitary path. Some covens will give you a coven name, a name that will be used when you are together, or doing rituals. It is okay to have more than one Magickal name. You can have one for when you work alone, and one for when you work with others, so if you do end up in a coven where they give you a name, it is okay for you to have one for yourself. Ms. RavenWolf and others say, that it is traditional for covens to wait for a year and a day before initiating their new members, to allow time for the initiate to be sure, and to begin to learn. In this initiating time is when a name will be discussed and chosen. If you are solitary then you initiate your-self, your name may appear or be decided at any point.


How to choose your Magickal name?

For solitary and other Witches:

Step 1: Understand that while this name can be changed, you want to think long term. It is an important step.

Step 2: Avoid starting with Lord or Lady, until the title fits. While you can do whatever you like, it is normal custom for Lord and Lady to be reserved for high powered elders, for the God and Goddess of many paths, and for those who are high ranking in some covens. It is meant to show hierarchy and respect to most on the pagan path.

Step 3: Like step two try not to take a God’s or Goddess’ name onto yourself, without real consideration, people in many communities may not see it as a sign of respect. Try altering the names slightly, or add that you are the child of a God or Goddess.

Step 4: Choose a name that means something to you. It can be an attribute you wish to have, a name that resonates with you or one that you have divinely been given.


I chose the name Serenity Roth, because it was something I once had a dream about. Serenity is and always has been something I wish to be and portray. It just made sense for me to pick it as my Magickal name.  I wish I had some great story for it but I don’t, it’s a name that gives me power and confidence, something I tend to lack in everyday life. I have met and read about many who choose to take the name of their totem animals, a plant or herb that they like the attributes of, and even ancient names of power. Some have even made anagrams of their given names. Some have used Magick to find, or divine their names. Whatever you choose it yours it can be anything you wish, anything that gives your Magick and energy a name, a power, a voice.


Have you found your Magickal name? How did you find it? Do you think having a Magickal name is important? Please comment below and let me know.



Blessed Be,

Serenity Roth


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