How to Consecrate Ritual Tools

Consecrating ritual tools is a simple way of saying that you cleanse and charge a tool for casting magic. Consecrating ritual tools is very easy and can be done to multiple items or even as soon as you buy a tool. Most people practice using their tools immediately after consecration as a way to bind the magic to the item. However you don’t need to consecrate your tools every single time you cast a spell. It’s best to use your own judgement on how often or how you wish to consecrate ritual tools. This is a part of the spell casting mini series so it will talk about the basics which you are free to edit, change or rebuild anyway you feel.

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To Cast A Sacred Circle

To cast a sacred circle will be the first of a mini series on how to cast spells start to finish. This blog will discuss how to cast a circle for doing spells. If you have ever read a new age book or looked up spells, some may call for casting a circle before beginning […]

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The Obsession with love: Can doing love magick help?

love magick

Everyone wants to be loved. We seek out companionship, passion and desire like they are the only thing that matters. Most people go through life wishing and hoping for their soulmate to enter their lives. Even if someone doesn’t even believe in soulmates, true love, or even just love. We as humans/ mammals crave social […]

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