The Obsession with love: Can doing love magick help?

Love magick Everyone wants to be loved. We seek out companionship, passion and desire like they are the only thing that matters. Most people go through life wishing and hoping for their soulmate to enter their lives. Even if someone doesn’t even believe in soulmates, true love, or even just love. We as humans/ mammals crave social interaction with our preference of gender. We crave passion, want, and all-consuming desire, sometimes to the point where we become obsessed.The obsession for love and desire often forces us to change ourselves for others, lose ourselves, and to forget what we actually want outside of love. I think I can say with total confidence that I am not the only one who has searched, lost and gone completely insane over the idea of perfect, unconditional love and desire. So does love magick actually help? Continue Reading

Choosing Your Magickal Name

Choosing a Magickal Name   So recently I’ve been all about self-discovery trying to figure out which deity to choose, is my Magickal name something that I truly associate with? Is it normal?  There are so many question milling around my head that its time I answer some of them. At least why and how […]

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Moon Magic

Have you ever wondered why witches are always depicted as performing their magic under a full moon? Or why the phase of the moon always seems so important in performing spells? Well, the simple answer is that timing is everything and each moon has a domain in magic. In this post, we will discuss moon magic, […]

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